Mueller Sprinklers

Seeding & Sodding


Our company specializes exclusively in bulk sod, offering a wide variety of Blue Grass, Fescue, and Buffalo Grass combinations. Please note that we do not provide small rolls or pieces of sod.

Each of our sod pieces is equipped with an erosion control net to aid in slope stabilization and prevent erosion as the grass establishes itself in the soil.

Additionally, our installation services include the application of starter fertilizer to promote healthy growth and establishment of your new sod.


Our seeding products are unlimited as far as variety and types. We can blend most combinations, prepare the soil, set the grade and apply the seed.

There are various ways to apply the seed which include broadcasting, drill seeding, hydroseeding, no till and overseeding. We also offer different types of erosion control matting.

At the time of installation we will apply a starter fertilizer along with a cover crop. In some methods we will be able to supply a herbicide for weed control.

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