Thirty years of pioneering spirit and innovation have resulted in legendary durability.

all-day comfort and unmatched cut quality.


  • Enabling communication and response between key systems on your mower with defined operation modes, system monitoring and clutch saver features.
  • This full-floating deck uses double-row bearings with a splined blade driver to stop bolt tightening on impacts. And, our patented bearing design on idler arm pivots only needs annual service.
  • Designed with a new, ergonomically advanced seat system featuring our exclusive Iso-Mount Seat Isolation System.
  • Productivity: Higher ground speeds with 16cc drive system and more power with larger engine displacements for improved productivity.


  • A single-point rear height adjustment allows the operator to quickly change the cutting height.
  • 2.5 bushel capacity.
  • Its access panel makes for easy belt and blade adjustments. And less time in the shop means more time on the job.
  • Unit weighs more than a 21”, but operator will not see additional fatigue in operation due to balance of unit and increased coverage.
  • Positive drive transmission holds side-hills and helps prevent downhill “run-away”.


  • This advanced solution allows the operator to control all motion with one hand.
  • You can mix chemicals in the tank and keep them in suspension, thanks to our innovative agitation system.
  • Everything you need at your fingertips, allowing you to make easy adjustments and maintain total control.
  • Hopper can hold 175 lbs. An extra 50 lb bag can also be placed in carrier on top of the tank.
  • Stainless steel operator platform with isolation mounts for a more comfortable ride. Locks up or down for storage.


  • With speeds up to 7 MPH on the 30-inch model, you can aerate more than 1.8 acres per hour. With the 24-inch model at speeds up to 6.8 MPH, you can aerate nearly 1.4 acres per hour.
  • There’s no such thing as too much traction. That’s why our Stand-On Aerator is driven by both the wheels and the tines.
  • Just step off the pedal to raise the tines and you’re ready to make a quick, zero-turn maneuver.
  • So, our integrated hydraulic system uses no hoses. There are fewer leak points. And no cross-contamination of hydraulic components.
  • Allow you to turn while tines are engaged without damaging the turf.